3 Days training for 16 PLHIV role models

A section of the participants
A section of the participants
A section of the participants
A section of the participants
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16 (M/, F/) PLHIV from the 7 targeted communities in Ogbia LGA were trained at the 3-day training as Role Model and Mentor. The training took place on June 24, 25 & 27, 2016.

The training objectives were presented and participant outlined their expectations and fears.

The training modules include:

i. Basic knowledge about HIV/AIDS.
ii. Communication skills for counselling
iii. Depression management for HIV positive women
iv. Family planning
v. Stigmatization and discrimination
vi. Roles of a mentor/role model
vii. Support and Care for PLHIV and PABA.

The training sessions was facilitated by two resource persons using power point presentations during plenaries, discussions group works and role plays.

Basic Facts about HIV/AIDS and Stigmatization and Discrimination were discussed, the facilitators were able to differentiate between self-discrimination from other forms of discrimination and the participants gained better understanding of importance of very high self-esteem even if they were infected with the HIV virus it didn't make them less human.

There was full and an interactive participation. The participantsopened up to one another and shared their past and presents experience as PLHIV to enhance improve positive living.

Day Two:
Family Planning, Communication skills for counselling and care and support were discussed. The Family Planning session also include condom use and condom demonstration. Participantsalso contributed and participated in return-demonstration on condom use (male & female condoms).

After the communication skills for counselling session three participant came out for a role play, where one acted as a doctor, another as a HCT counsellor while the other as a client coming to the health facility for HCT there was a role play.

Day Three:
Participants were thought on the roles, quality and skills of a role model/mentor, they were also thought on how to manage depression in HIV positive people around them, the session also include group work on how they can help someone who is newly infected with HIV to manage depression.

After the training sessions, action plans were drawn by the participantsand each mentor was assigned community to work. After which a post-test and finally training evaluation was done by the participants.

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