Monthly M&E Meeting with PLHIV CVs & Mentors

The M&E meeting was held on June 2016 at Emeyal-I Town Hall with 26 (M/, F/) PLHIV in attendance, started at 10 a.m. and ended at 2p.m.

The objectives include:

• Mentor Community Volunteers on HBC tools.
• Discuss the successes and challenges with pre-enrolment of VCs

Community Volunteers were mentored on how to assess PLHIV's pre-enrolled and paired in teams for the enrolment of Vulnerable Children. A total of 10 (M/, F/) Community Volunteers attended the review meeting and were paid their transportation and May 2016 stipend. A total of 10 (M/, F/)Community Volunteers and 3 project staff were in attendance.

Review of June 2016 activities for Community Volunteers including success stories, challenges and way forward were done. Plans for June 2016 activities were made with time-lines and persons responsible assigned.

Refreshments were served and stipends/transportation paid to the Community Volunteers for the month of June 2016. A community volunteer by name Odomina Grace led the closing prayers as the meeting came to close at 4p.m.

News & Events

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