Monthly M&E Meeting with HBC CVs/Role Models January 2017

HBC CVs during the Monthly M&E Meeting
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The meeting took place at the Federal Medical Centre Otuoke on January 30, 2017. A total of 26 participants (7M/19F) attended the meeting; also present was the RHF project team.

The purpose of this meeting is to aid the CVs and mentors in strengthening their inputs in monthly home visit, data tracking and collation of reports of defaulters, migration, death and referrals.

The monthly reports were submitted by the HBC CVs including the service forms, however, the RHF PM reminded the CVs that the project is coming to an end by February 2017, she further urge the CVs to ensure they always reach out to other PLHIV within their Communities with home based care support.

The ARV coordinator in FMC Otuoke also reminded participants the need for personal hygiene and adherence to treatment, encouraging them to maintain self-confidence irrespective of their status and also show themselves as role models for others.

There were Opportunities given to participants to discuss their observations, challenges and also give recommendations. Mrs Okere Obere pleaded that skill acquisition and empowerment be introduced if another phase of the project comes. According to her, "this is the only way to alleviates poverty".

In the absence of other discussions, refreshment was served and allowances paid to participants.

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