Conducted a 5-day mapping in 20 communities in Oji-River and Enugu-East LGAs

The mapping of TBAs were carried out in two Local Government Areas in Enugu State namely; Enugu-East and Oji-River, 10 communities in Enugu-East and 10 in Oji-River.

The mapping started on 17th and ended on 21st February, 2015. It took place in the following communities in Enugu-East LGA; Iji-Nike, Emene, Mkpologu, OgwagorUgbo-Oghe, Ugbo-Ezeji, Ugbo-Odogwu, Amorji, Agu-Owa and Ibagwa-Nike.

Oji-River LGA also includes; UmuokaAmukwinato, Isikire, Amankpanto, Agbadala, AgbadalaAchi, Umuogbagu, Agwude, UmuaguInyi and Alum-Inyi. A total of 37 TBAs were mapped (male/1, female/36).

During the mapping exercise, it was observed that few TBAs conduct HTC and no provision of information on condom use and any other contraceptives from the discussion, very few do provide skeletal care and support services to pregnant women. Stigma is so high that many responded not having interest in support services to a person that is waiting for her death.

Majority do not have knowledge on the standard operation practices and the universal precaution. Communities have up to 2-4 TBAs operating in the area while some community like Ugbo-Oghe community has none in existence. Very few of the TBAs have up to 10 bedding spaces and are in collaboration with medical personnel (Doctors). A total of 37 TBAs were mapped (male/1, female/36).

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