Monthly M&E Meeting with OVC CVs January 2017

OVC CVs during the Monthly M&E Meeting at Emeyal 1 Town Hall
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Meeting took place at Emeyal 1 town hall on January 27, 2017. A total of 10 CVs (2M/8F) were in attendance and the RHF project team.

The meeting was to aid in strengthening the CVs inputs in monthly home visits, data tracking and collations of OVC reports from CVs.

The monthly reports and OVC service forms were all retrieved from the CVs. The RHF M&E officer informed the participants that the RHF|BYSACA|HPDPII project will be coming to an end by February 2017. She also urged the CVs to continue with the psychosocial support to the Vulnerable Children in their communities even after the end of the project.

The CVs were also asked to collaborate with the CPC in their various communities and if peradventure there are cases relating to child abuse they should do well to contact the CPC and the Bayelsa FIDA.

The participants shared their experience during home visits activities, challenges and success. However they mentioned that there have been changes in the children welfare since RHF started her intervention in their various communities especially in the area of Educational Support given to the VC by RHF.

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