Psychosocial Support for Vulnerable Children/ Kids Club Activities

KOLO II, Imaginative Activity (Traditional Dance) December 7, 2016
Ogbia Town Physical Activities (traditional game), December 14, 2016
KOLO II, Physical Activity(Football Match) December 5, 2016
KOLO II, Physical Activity (Thug of War) December 5, 2016
VCs in Kolo I, II &III and their caregivers with the RHF team. December 15, 2016
The VC & caregivers in Emeyal I&II, RHF team, CVs, CDC Chairman Emeyal 1, MR Ballantine & Miss Florence Inengite
The CDC Chairman Ogbia Town, RHF Team, VC &their caregivers. December 16, 2016
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The kids' club activity is a key component of psychosocial care and support activities for vulnerable Children. This activity took place between December 5 - 16, 2016 in all the project targeted communities. A total number of 325 children participated in this activities, including the RHF 100 Vulnerable Children from Kolo-I, II &III, Emeyal-I&II, Otuoke and Ogbia communities.

Every child actively participated in activities with other children and adults. The activities were planed and implemented in-line with the five key components which comprises creativity activities, Imaginary activities, Physical activities, communication and manipulation. The Caregivers were also involved in the activities, their presence also encourage the full participation of the Kids.

The OVC Desk Officer, State Ministry of Women Affairs, Mr BalantiaNaibiand the CMO BYSACA, Mrs DieyepreyeAlagoa represented by Madam Florence Inegitewere also involved in these activities as a key stakeholder, CDC Chairmen from the various communities were also invited to watch the kids perform during the Imaginary activities like Drama, Dancing and during the debates and spelling bees in their communities.

Imaginative activities: The children sang series of songs and danced in their local dialect using the local drums

Physical activities: There was football competition between the girls and boys in kolo-I, II & III and also in Emeyal-I &II. The boys came out victorious against the girls in all of these communities. Other physical activities which include skipping, thug-of-war etc. were also carried out by the vulnerable children.

Manipulative activities: puzzles, spelling bee and quizzes were also part of the kids' club activity. The children who participated and came out victoriously won themselves special gift.

Communicative: The children read story books also held discussion groups. This activity was a huge success as it helped the vulnerable children express their feelings in words and also discuss issues that are very important to them. The exercise would improve the self-esteem and communication skills of the kids.

Creativity: The Vulnerable Children displayed their talents by making drawings. This exercise promoted creativity and experimentation among the children.

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