Advocacies to: - Emeyal 1, Kolo 2 & 3. - Gatekeepers In Kolo1, Emeyal 2, Otuosega, Otuoke and Ogbia Main Town - God's Deliverance Support Group (GDSG)

A section of Emeyal 1 participants
A section of Emeyal 2 participants
A section of Kolo 1 participants
A section of Kolo 2 & 3 participants
A section of Ogbia Town participants
A section of Otuoke participants
A section of Otuosega participants
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Advocacies were carried out to the following stakeholders at State, LGA and Community levels:

1. State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development
2. Network of People Living With HIV&AIDS (NEPWHAN)
3. God's Deliverance Support Group, Ogbia
4. PHC Kolo-I
5. PHC kolo-II
6. PHC Emeyal-II
7. Community Development Committees, Women Groups and Religious Leaders in all the seven target communities were visited.

The objective of the advocacy was to get community buy-in, support and partnership for the HPDP-II project in target communities. One major outcome of these visits was the identification of existing Support Group in Ogbia LGA.

It was observed that God's Deliverance Support Group is the only registered support group with NEPWHAN covering Ogbia LGA.

The RHF Team paid advocacy to God's Deliverance Support Group Ogbia LGA. In attendance were the coordinator and secretary of the support group Mrs. Elizabeth Clement and Timi. The advocacy was doneon May 16, 2016.

The objective of the visit was to inform the support group of the OVC and PLHIV components of the HPDP-II project being implemented by RHF and to seek their support and partnership in recruiting PLHIV as volunteers and to enroll infected children.

The visit was also an opportunity to plan the recruitment and training for OVC Community Volunteers of which the support group nominated three (3) of her members to serve as volunteers. A total of five (5) persons including the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of NEPWHAN were in attendance and the meeting lasted for about 3 hours.

Being the only Support Group in Ogbia as stated earlier, Mrs. Elizabeth was also formerly invited for the training of the community volunteers on OVC Registration & Photo-data Capture, even though her's was for PLHIV but as part of her role towards the HAF-II project for effective program results and the solicitation gotten from NEPWHAN directing her to be fully involved in the project.

Mrs. Elizabeth Clement, leader of the God's Deliverance Support Group (GSDG) received the letter of invitation, hence participated in the training with her group members.

News & Events

  • 5 days training for 10 CVs on HBC, Adherence to treatment, referrals and condom massaging program

    The RHF team conducted 5-day community Home-Based Care training for PLHIV Community ...

  • Distribution of Educational materials to 100 OVCs in 7 communities

    RHF project team conducted 2-daydistribution of the Educational Materials to OVC in the 7 targeted communities in Ogbia LGA.

    • 3 Days training for 16 PLHIV role models

      24th - 27th June, 2016

      Participant were equipped with knowledge of being a role model to other PLHIV.